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senior life insurance

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What is Senior Life Insurance?

Senior Life Insurance is an insurance policy taken to cover funeral related expenses, as well as other expenses, in the event of death. It is also known as final expenses life insurance policy or sometimes, burial insurance. A Senior Life Insurance Policy could have a value of between $1,000-$20,000 or more.

There are also some other lower value policies, which are designed to cover little expenses such as costs of cremation or cremation services. Senior Life Insurance Policy brings convenience to dependents of the deceased as they do not have to incur huge debts to cover for funeral expenses, especially when it happens suddenly.

Features of a Senior Life Insurance Life Policy

A Senior Life Insurance Policy would usually have the same features of a whole life insurance policy. Its features include;

  • Tax free benefits paid out to beneficiaries.

  • Builds up cash value.

  • Allows you to borrow against the cash value of the policy.

  • Can be held for the entire life of the policy holder or for a selected period.

senior life insurance
senior life insurance

You can access the best quotes on Senior Life Insurance from the best providers in just few minutes. Call us now


Why You Should Consider Taking up Senior Life Insurance Policy?


Costs of Burial

Senior life insurance helps you ensure that the costs of your burial are taken care of without stress. Burials don’t come cheap these days as the average costs of a burial in recent times have been put at an average of $6,000. That’s an extremely high price for the average American. But with a Senior Life Insurance Policy, all burial related costs, including cemetery services, Tombstone, Funeral director costs and other costs are taken care of.



Senior Life Insurance Policy is also a great way to ensure that all debts incurred and unpaid by the deceased, prior to death, can be taken care of without extra burden to dependents or family.


Final Wishes

With Senior Life Insurance Policy, you can be rest assured that all your wishes upon death, would be honored as the financial implications wouldn’t be a problem.



Senior Life Insurance can also be a great way to leave a little something for dependents upon death.


Nursing Home

A lot of elderly people need intensive care I nursing homes when they grow old and are unable to care for themselves. This insurance policy can help to cover for such costs.


Probate Expenses

Senior Life Insurance Policy can also cover for probate expenses. Probate expenses are legal expenses incurred in the process of collecting and distributing the deceased’ assets.


Medical Expenses

Another benefit of Senior Life Insurance is that it can be used to cover for medical expenses for elderly patients during the latter part of their lives.

Who Should Take Up Senior Life Insurance Policy?

Senior life Insurance Policy is suitable for;

  • Seniors who do not wish for their life insurance benefits to be spent on funeral expenses or other final expenses.

  • Those who have serious health conditions such as terminal diseases, diabetes or heart problems.

  • Seniors who do not have existing life insurance policies because they did not buy a policy when they were younger.

  • Seniors who wish to take life insurance on their younger dependents.


How Much Senior Life Insurance Do You Need?

When planning to take up a Senior Life Insurance Policy, it is important to know just how much you would need. For the past few years, burial costs and final expenses have been on a rise and it is important to know just how much you would need.

In the last 30 years, burial costs have increased from about $2,000 to about $8,000 and costs are expected to rise hence the need to take a Senior Life Insurance Policy which would be sufficient to cover all final expenses upon death.

If you are unsure of how to calculate your final expenses, you can use our online calculator or arrange for a free online consultation with one of our agents.

senior life insurance
senior life insurance

Senior Life Insurance Policy; Do You Qualify?

Senior Life Insurance Policy has some qualification criteria which people intending to buy policies must meet before they can take up the policy. Most of the eligibility criteria are health and age related and people who do not meet with these criteria may need to pay higher insurance premiums for their Senior Life Insurance.

This is why you need us because within few seconds, we match you up with competitive and friendly quotes which would be suitable and affordable for you regardless of your health status.

Buying Senior Life Insurance Policy and getting friendly quotes do not have to be stressful. We are here to take the stress off you and provide you with senior life insurance quotes that would make you smile.